Property Management in Merida Yucatan Mexico
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Andrea Traconis · Property Management Plus · Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Property management in Merida Yucatan Mexico



PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES is the premiere property management company in Merida and the surrounding area. We will accept clients from anywhere within the city of Merida, or along the Yucatan Gulf Coast, and we will
consider properties in other areas of the Yucatan.


Our services include but are not limited to...



Screening potential renters
Collecting rents
Hiring, training and supervising housekeeping, pool maintenance, gardening and cooking staff
Concierge services, including cooking at home, shopping for groceries, transportation, tour guide, etc.
Processing payments of bills
Acquiring estimates for construction or other repairs
Supervising construction or repairs
Attending to tenants
Grounds supervision
Major maintenance and remodeling
Implementing preventative maintenance programs
Computerized tracking of maintenance for each property
Receivership management services



Supervising rental advertising
Installing professional signage in front of the property
Move-In/Move-Out Inspections
Periodic exterior and interior inspections
Coordinating property maintenance needs, including 24-hour emergency support
Managing property rehabilitation
Timely rent collection management
Managing payment of property expenses as requested
Monthly Reports and Year-End Summary Reports


We strive to provide the best service in town and we tailor our service to meet the needs of each individual client. If you don't see something on this list but you need it done, call Andrea! You can reach her by submitting a quick inquiry form... click here!


Andrea Traconis Property Manager Merida Mexico








Casa de Los Mosaicos, managed by Andrea Traconis, Yucatan


From a Vacation Renter

I found the entire experience of arranging our trip and staying at this house very easy, warm and inviting. Should one desire an authentic experience in the Yucatan with honest, elegant amenities, staying at this house is likely the best way to accomplish this.
- Cynthia


Casa de Los Manos, managed by Andrea Traconis in Yucatan


From a Real Estate Agent

Mi experiencia como agente de bienes raices me permite comentar que cuando se necesita ayuda profesional en cuanto a la adminstracion de propiedades, la persona indicada es Andrea Traconis. No solamente es profesional si no que en todos los casos rebasa la expectativa de los clientes en mas del 100%. Mi experiencia con ella siempre ha sido satisfactoria ya que cuando necesito de sus servicios siempre esta disponible y con una actitud positiva.

English Translation

In my experience as a real estate agent, when I need professional help in adminstering properties, the person I call is Andrea Traconis. Not only is she professional, in all cases she surpasses the clients' expectations more than 100%. My experience with her has always been satisfactory and when I need her services, she is always available and with a positive attitude, too!

- Carlos

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